Jerry Ramey


We are all fighting for something in life, why should we not fight together?

What makes

Originally from the rural area of Eastern Kentucky, I can honestly say my personality is a mix of southern hospitality with some Colorado adventure. Starting my first business at the age of 23, I have experienced the inexperience, dealt with the unknown, and panicked over the little things. I have learned that business can be harsh and unforgiving. Thus, I approach business with a moral compass to ensure that my work will always give my clients and myself fulfillment. No matter the problem, I always promise to be honest about the work I am doing.





What I Do

Web Strategy

Website, Web Application, Both? I'll guide you through your web presence.

Mobile Strategy

Should you go mobile? I'll show you the ins and outs of the mobile world.

Product Strategy

Ready to start capitalizing? Let me help you generate a solid plan of execution.

Data Architect

Do you want to start collecting data? Let me show you how to not only collect, but to learn from your data.

Solutions Architect

Not sure how to solve your problem? How to execute on it? I'll provide you with answers.


Still need technical advise? Let me be your resource so together we can find a solution.

The Process

Lets Grab Coffee

Medium Roast

Hi Y'All

One of the key elements of my service is getting to know you. We are going to be working together so we better become friends right from the start. The more I understand you, the more I understand your needs.

White Board & Markers

Expo Only


This is the point that we get down and dirty. We are going to be diving into your problems so that I can walk away knowing your pains and concerns. This is the opportunity for me to be part of your team.

To The Library

Most Likely The Web


The discovery is me taking all the information from the Workshop and Hi Y'All phases and getting to work. I'll explore the unkowns for you so that the next phase makes you feel as though you finally have direction.

The End Is The Beginning

Must Have Philisophy


Most would assume that this is the hand-off phase. However, I believe the delivery includes the next steps. I want you feeling as though you have everything you need to execute and move forward.

Project Partners

Abarrotes Bondadosa

Web & Mobile

Data & Solutions

Strategy & Advisory

Abarrotes Bondadosa

Abarrotes Bondadosa not only offers local grocery delivery service, but they are one of the first to offer this affordable service to SNAP receipants. I was able to provide Abarrotes Bondadosa with product strategy guidance as well as technology leadership so they could execute from concept to product.


Web & Mobile

Data & Solutions

Strategy & Advisory


ForPlay is sexual health and technological movement that was need of direction and strategy. Currently, ForPlay has been through all of the offered services and is preping for their upcoming launch.

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